Call for Papers

The following topics will be covered during the conference:

  • Ultra-short range: for instance chip-to-chip communications in stacked and closely packed multi-chip packages
  • Short range: For instance wireless personal area network (WPAN) applications under standard IEEE 802.15.7 and underwater communications.
  • Medium range: indoor IR and visible light communications (VLC) for wireless local area networks (WLANs) and inter-vehicular and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.
  • Long range: inter-building connections, also called free-space optical communications (FSO).
  • Ultra-long range: Laser communication in space especially for inter-satellite links and establishment of satellite constellations

Presentation and Paper setup

The intention of the organizing committee is to create a conference style that, firstly, is better suitable for on-line viewer and, secondly, gives a larger role to the learning aspects for all participants, including the presenter. We will deviate from the typical lecture format that most conferences adhere to, and use a more modern, debating style of disseminating and sharing new scientific results. This style of conferences may be less common in engineering, but the debate used in other fields already at conferences.

During the conference we plan 20 minute sessions per paper, which will have a typical breakdown of:

  • 3+2 Motivation and Focus: Three minute overview of the state-of-art and motivation for your further research beyond this work. Max two slides. For two minutes an opponent / reviewer will challenge the relevance of your work. Whether your view on the state-of-art is complete, and ..
  • 3+2 Main Research investigations: This is the main body of the research work, where you can present and defend your approach. Is a simulation good enough? Did you take all relevant uncertainties into account? 3 slides max.
  • 3+2  Main Results and conclusions. What do you want to be cited for? What is main new insight?
  • 3+2 Possible impact: Whom could use your results, what needs to be done nxt to have a societal impact.
  • Call for Papers opens – 30 April 2021
  • Deadline for paper submission – 29 July, 17.00 CET 2021
  • Author notification – 25 August 2021
  • OWC Conference – 28 September 2021

Submission requirements and instructions

The template is required and can be downloaded from here.

Please add in your submission on which of the five topics (see above) your paper is about.

The conference paper should be 3 pages long and should be submitted in PDF format.

Technical programme:  Jean-Paul Linnartz – J.P.Linnartz [at]

Operations and sponsoring – Esther Wendrich – e.wendrich [at], +31 (0)6 20008576

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This conference will take place during the Photonics Applications Week.