Photonic Integrated Circuits: FLAGSHIP – Opportunities in Optical Communications (VIDEO)

PIC Opportunities

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) Opportunities in Optical Communications is a project which connects and involves the main Dutch industry players in integrated photonics, which are now jointly collaborating in the PhotonDelta ecosystem. The companies cover the entire supply chain from chipdesign, chip manufacturing, assembly, packaging and testing.

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Eutelsat perspective on Satellite Optical Communications

Alessandro le Pera

by Alessandro Le Pera, Eutelsat

Optical communications represent the next big challenge in Satellite communication; core-business activities such as GEO Very High Throughput Satellite Systems (V-HTS) could get a real boost from this technology, enabling Terabit-class Satellites, together with new Non-GEO communication systems approaches. Eutelsat is currently participating to several R&D activities aimed to increase the maturity of the different building blocks as well as overall System level concepts.

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